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The Details Of The Combat Fighter™ Combat Shooter By John Black

Combat Fighter System by Alpha Nation Reviewed – The Truth Exposed

Self-defense training is highly important especially today in times of economic difficulty. And guess what? Practically everyone should learn some self-defense tactics. And the reason is obvious, being alone at times is inevitable. Therefore, it’s important to know that you can protect yourself if the need arises. The Combat Fighter program by John Black is one of the few online self-defense training courses that enable you to gain some useful techniques at the comfort of your home.

You don’t need any expensive gym equipment to hack it! Likewise, you won’t need to hire a trainer for this since the program is entirely based on self-guided learning. But is it practically possible to become fully secure by learning important fighting techniques on your own at home? We explore.

The Alpha Nation Combat Fighter Program

We all have seen it in our television sets and local dailies – news of growing crime reports affecting virtually all neighborhoods in America. Times are tough and the harder life gets, the higher the likelihood of being attacked, mugged or bullied arises.

Picture yourself leaving the ATM in the evening and then as you turn to a dimly lit corner of the road, you notice two shadowy figures coming after you. You have a back problem and you know all too well that you can’t run fast to save your life.
Ordinarily, you’d have to surrender and wait for the worst. And usually, the gangs enjoy this since they can have a field day – robbing you of all your valuables and abusing you in the process.

With the right of training, however, you can stand up on your two feet and face the enemy. Most importantly, with the kind of skills provided within the Combat Fighter manual, you’d be able to assess the situation and respond appropriately.

Remember, direct aggression isn’t always the best answer. Sometimes you need to act scared and only pounce after you’ve fooled the enemy. Also, in some cases, you’re better off subduing the attacker and neutralizing them before alerting the police. So, inside this course, you’ll learn numerous techniques on how to tame the attacker without killing them. You’ll even learn tips on how to respond in order to buy the time you need to escape unhurt.

So, indeed, in our opinion, the Combat Fighter self-defense training program sounds like a pretty good thing. It contains skills that anyone can benefit from. By anyone, we’d particularly like to single out the following as the potentially biggest beneficiaries of this course.

Why It’s An Important Course

There are so many reasons why you need such a course. And we’re indeed glad to see that you can actually learn a lot from it at your own pace and comfort. But that’s not all:

  • Being Safe In Times of Protests

Violence in our neighborhoods is at an all-time high. And we all know that sometimes even peaceful protestors turn into psychopathic attackers. So, as long as you’ll be heading out there in the streets, you’re better off armed with self-defense knowledge.

  • Being Safe At Home

The Combat Fighter System is more than just a piece of martial art lessons. This one extends beyond the common limitations and seeks to help you respond fast even when you aren’t close to your gun safe. And by taking this course, you can always rest assured to be ready to counter looters, home invaders, and common criminals.

  • Defending Your Loved Ones

So, you’ve just stepped out of a movie hall and then on your way to the parking lot, you bump into your girlfriend’s ex. It’s time for him to settle scores! Would you prefer to run away and leave your loved one at the mercy of his bully ex? As a man, you know how important it is to stand up for your other half. Therefore, the Combat Fighter System shows you exactly how to do that without making a fool out of yourself.

  • Survival Skills for Preppers & Survivalists

If you’re a prepper or survivor, this is definitely something you should consider adding on your list of survival tools. You see, should our country descend into an era of social disorder, it’s only those who know how to defend their homes and stockpiles that will survive. So, in addition to a well-built root cellar, stockpile, and medicine cabinet, this is the only additional thing you need to acquire to keep your family safe. This is particularly important because, in times of chaos, the police resources get seriously strained. So, you can bet that there’ll be no 911 and you’ll need to fight for your own survival, literary.

Benefits of Combat Fighter System

  • Real Techniques

The course has been authored by an active member of the US forces. John Black, as he prefers to refer to himself, is an accomplished fighter who has had a history of being bullied. So, you can be assured that his techniques are based on nothing but real-life experiences.

  • Easy To Follow

You don’t need any prior training for you to fully benefit from this system. Anyone include a seemingly helpless college girl or a senior struggling with arthritis can benefit greatly from being a part of this system.

3 Problems with This Course

(1)It takes more than just buying the program to become a fully-fledged fighter

(2)It’s an online course with no face-to-face training from the author

(3)It takes time to complete the course plus its bonuses

 About The Author

This program was authored by an active military serviceman by the name of John Black. John is, however, not his real name. It’s a pen name. He uses it deliberately to protect his identity as he’s still in an active role of protecting our nation. Bonuses In addition to the Combat Fighter System, which comes with a 60-day money back guarantee, you’d get 3 special gifts.

The first one is the “Advanced Situational Awareness” course which empowers you to skillfully assess the situation and react appropriately.

The second bonus is titled the “Alpha Survival Guide” and mainly talks about the professional techniques you need to survive in emergency situations.

Lastly, there is the “Alpha Nation Online-Coaching Community.” This is a helpful platform that will help you learn essential self-defense tactics and still remain highly motivated.

Final Thoughts

In our opinion, this course could not have come at a better time. The world around us is fast changing and you need to be adaptive to survive. In that regard, we’d like to recommend the Combat Fighter System to anyone who might be interested in staying safe and keeping their loved ones safe as well.

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